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Coconino County Public Works Snow Plow Deployment

The Coconino County Public Works snow plowing team deploys each winter to keep more than 700 miles of County roads open and passable.

Blue Ridge Snow Plowing

Motorgrader Snowplowing in the Blue Ridge area in Arizona

Night Plowing on Naval Observatory Road: Coconino County, AZ.

A snow removal crew from Coconino County Public Works conducts nighttime plowing operations on Naval Observatory Road

Clearing Snow on Stoneman Lake Road

Coconino County Public Works' Senior Operator Aaron Drye clears snow from Stoneman Lake Road after a January 2018 storm.

Rooster Tail

Snow Blower clearing windrow from center of the street into a City park.

IDOT - Taking Care of Business

The 2017 winter lasted well into 2018 in Illinois, but our dedicated IDOT plow truck operators continued to work hard and keep our roads safe. Now, it’s time for them to thaw off and enjoy a job well done. Thank you!

Wish I had worn a toque....!!

Alberta Highway Services doing what they do so well near Red Deer, Alberta

By hand or By tractor WE GiT-R-Done!!!

Removing snow from steps as co-worker cleans parking lot with a tractor mounted snow blower.

Big Blue Clears the Way!

A City of Mayfield Heights, Ohio Service Department snow plow clears a residential road.

MT Rose Highway

Crew opening roadway after a moderate storm and a controlled avalanche.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Getting snow in the lower portion of Arizona is almost foreign for Pinal County Public Works. After a long, cold, rare snow day our big fella was ready to find shelter in our Oracle maintenance yard garage. Once in the comforting arms of our operators inside, they checked him over and made sure he would be ready for another possible snow day.

City of Lawrence, In Street Department Staff

City Controller, David Lotts and his team supervising tanker delivery of Geomelt®/brine mixture which has improved their attack on snow and ice over the past two years.